Plastic chain vs Metal chain

Why Plastic Chain Barrier is Safe? Plastic Chains vs Metal Chains

Plastic chain barriers are one of the most important household gadgets when it comes to safety and securities. The plastic chains help between posts or stanchions to guide traffic and control crowds. It also helps you to block unauthorized access to construction sites, loading docks, or industrial aisles.

These Plastic Barrier Chains are built with lightweight and strong high-density polyethylene that is UV resistant, and recyclable. This strong plastic chain barrier is perfect for forming lines, directing crowds, or restricting access to protect people and property.  

Why Plastic Chain Barriers is Safe?

Plastic Chain Barrier

The plastic barrier chain is a bevy of simple, safe, solutions for common problems. it is a good a lot in a parking lot at a high school athletic field and more. Using a strong plastic chain is the best to use in the comparison of metal chains.

The plastic chain link is safe from rust and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are also lightweight and cost-effective compare to metal. The metal barrier can be led to fatal crashes because of the sharp edges but in this situation, the plastic barrier chain could have meant a completely different outcome.

 There are wide applications of plastic chain barrier. It is safe for vehicles If a car suddenly hits the chain the vehicle would not be damaged. A high tensile strength chain helps to ensure years of use in the toughest environments. And when you need a shorter length, the chain can easily be cut with simple tools.

Plastic Chain vs. Metal Chain

Plastic Chain

roller plastic chains

Plastic barrier chains are made up of delicate and strong high-density polyethylene which is UV resistant, and recyclable. it is free from water-resistant. The best advantage of the plastic roller chain is it is available in various colors and very light in weight to move. It’s radiant color and reflective designs give additional safety in the dark and guide you from danger.

The lighter design makes these barriers very portable and a great option for temporary work sites and events. Trucking costs are also substantially lower due to the lighter design. 

Plastic safety chains are additionally very convenient to stack and store and are easily and quickly deployed makes them well suited to emergency and ad-hoc pedestrian safety situations.


  • The plastic chains are made of a lightweight polyethylene which is much lighter than the metal barrier chain.
  • The polyethylene plastic comes in a wide variety of brilliant colors which allow them to be easily seen even from a distance.
  •  Plastic chains are multipurpose, Use this chain to decorate your theme party or paint house. 
  •  The plastic barrier chains are airy in weight so it is very easy to move.
  • Plastic barriers are a great choice for roadway safety, crowd control, and parking installations. 


  • Weak strength to handle heavy vehicle

Metal Chain

Metal chain barriers are consist of extreme strength and heavy tube metal structure. This combines to facilitate heavy duty crowd control with strength, to provide barriers that cannot be easily breached. Steel chains offer additional security within sites and outdoor event arenas.

Metal barriers offer a potentially stronger option than the plastic barrier for queue management. They are more robust and particularly suited to particularly roadways. It has wide uses in a heavily crowd event to offer additional safety and security,  perimeter control at festivals.


  • Durability


  • Unsafe
  •  The metal barrier chains are heavy in weight so it is very difficult to move.
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