Plastic Chain Barrier for Crowd Control and Safety


Plastic Chain Links – The lightweight plastic chain for stanchion is durable and makes a good safety barrier. It creates a strong visual barrier to protect people and property. The package includes a 100 feet long chain.
Easy to Handle – The plastic chain links are easy to unroll without tangling. You can reroll it back after use for compact storage effortlessly.
Multipurpose – The security chain is ideal for securing areas in public places. It is cost-effective and works as temporary safety barriers at various occasions like shows, concerts, parties, etc. It is suitable to control crowds at museums, malls, restaurants, and roadside traffic. Easy to set up for both indoor and outdoor areas for directing crowds, restricting access.



Benefits of using Plastic Chain Barrier

Plastic chains are designed to use in any weather conditions without any rust or fade in color.
They are easier to cut according to the requirement. Due to its lightweight, it is not likely to cause any damage or injury.
Made with polyethylene which lasts longer and reusable.
A wide variety of uses makes it an ideal product.


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