Why Use Plastic Safety Chain

Why Use Plastic Safety Chains?

The plastic safety chain is one of the most popular products in crowd management, along with wide applications of plastic chains. The plastic chain integrates the plastic post stanchions in a great way. A high-strength plastic safety chains and barrier chains can be used to cord off workplace areas and areas of public access. It is highly durable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications in a range of colors.

Why Use Plastic Chain?

Plastic Safety Chains have Universal applications as they are,

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • UV Protected to prevent color fading.
  • High tensile strength helps to ensure years of use in the toughest environments.  
  • Perfect Alternative to caution tapes.

Plastic chains easily cover short or long distances for both indoor or outdoor uses without having the expensive investment as compared to other crowd control and safety products, and it is ideal for traffic management, railways, playgrounds, sports grounds, airports, campsites, swimming pools, fashion, clothing, industry, retail show, etc. 

These safety Chains are the light-weight and the best alternative to caution tapes and heavyweight Steel Chains. Plastic safety chains are used in various industries to secure various types of heavy machinery and equipment, particularly in the crowd control and safety barrier industry.


plastic chain barrier for nuclear plants

Platic safety chains are ideal for use in nuclear power plants and warehouses. They are also Used to restrict access in hazardous areas of high voltage electricity and warn visitors. Security Green and Security In low-light conditions, the red chain is highly noticeable.  

When creating barriers or preventing unauthorized access to a particular site, the high strength plastic chain is an essential component. In order to help the crowd control strategy, the plastic chain comes in a range of colors and can be found in different lengths. With a range of plastic stanchions, the substitute plastic chain can be used and is almost common for all crowd-control applications

Main Objectives of Plastic Chains

UV-resistant plastic chains

The plastic chains’ main objective is to protect and traffic control. The chain’s colors have real significance, and the most common color is red by far. Caution or warning of some risk is indicate by the red chain. In certain instances, OSHA demands that there be a visual barrier in place. Know 5 Important Uses of Plastic Safety Chains.

Available in PVC, red & white, UV-resistant plastic chains make for a strong visual barrier with many bright colors. There are several different sizes, and the plastic used in the link itself is often measured in terms of link length, width, and thickness. The chain’s weight, color, and size can all be customized.

Reasons to Implement Plastic Safety Chains 

There are several reasons to use plastic safety chains like, as they

  • Carry strong, UV-resistant, and unbreakable plastic links.
  • Adapt to very high dynamic loads and strict standards for service life.
  • Operation in a wide range of environments and climates.
  • Weather and rustproof.
  • Space-saving installation.
  • Save time and money.
  • Chains are easy to roll and unroll quickly.
  • Vast product range – solution for all safety problems.
  • Cover Longer distances, higher strength, and longer life.

The linking of the plastic chain is secure from rust & weatherproof, ideal for indoors and outdoors uses. They are also lightweight compared to metal, and cost-effective. Because of the sharp edges, the metal barrier can lead to fatal failures, but in the plastic case, the plastic barrier chain might have led to a totally different result. 

What are more further differences between the plastic chain vs. metal chain? Read to know more.

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